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Startup Factory

Our woodland is the trustworthy place where lots of ideas are validated, incubated, developed, iterated until product-market fit simultaneously and for successful ones, we turn them into new businesses. The formula repeats on its own.

Moreover, we also provide startups with hands-on mentorship and seed investment programs, usually in exchange for equity.

Development Lab

Our woodland is the trustworthy place where founders could come and acquire expertise for their business models. We offer a technical partnership that takes over their whole systems and applications from development, operation to maintenance stages.

We are backed by a talented, ambitious and technology-heavy workforce with years of experience. Consequently, we guarantee world-class quality for delivered products across all platforms (Web, iOS, Android).

Talent pool

Our woodland is the trustworthy bridge for the founders who are outsourcing products to connect with talented developers in Vietnam. We guarantee the most competitive prices among competitors in local market.

It is the outcome of continuously building a wide network of trust between founders and talents. The price is worth it!

Our Dwarves

We call ourselves Dwarves and we step out from Norse Mythology.

Han Ngo

CEO & Brother of All Miners

Khai Le

SR. UX/UI Wizard

Minh Quang Le

Backend Craft Engineer

Ngoc Thach Le

Backend After Dark

Nam Bui Vu

Android Craft Specialist

Hieu Phan

iOS Craft Engineer

Pham Duy Khang

iOS Craft Engineer

Nguyen Thanh Trung

Principal Crafter

Nguyen Hoang Linh

Frontend Seargant Soldier

Do Chi Thien

Mining Intern

We are wisdom, naturally good at smithing, mining, and crafting.


Apps we created for startups, individual entrepreneurs and enterprises also.


M&R Container Management Service


Field Report System


Sales referral apps generator

Voices of Sales

Profiling system for your Sales Career

Quickdesk CRM

Smart selling made simple


Peer-to-peer delivery network


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